Ido Abravaya, musicologist (Ph.D., Tel Aviv University, 2000), formerly member of the Music Department at the Open University of Israel (OUI), and Music Critic of Haaretz daily (Tel Aviv).

Principal research interests: the music of J. S. Bach and Baroque music. He is author of On Bach’s Rhythm and Tempo (Kassel: Bärenreiter, 2006); Klei ha-negina (“Musical Instruments” OUI, 2007, in Hebrew); Kitzur toldot ha-musika (“A Brief History of Music”, Tel Aviv 2010, in Hebrew), articles (see Publications above), numerous textbooks in music for the OUI, and hundreds of press articles (music criticism etc.). His doctoral dissertation Studies of Rhythm and Tempo in the Music of J. S. Bach was awarded the Landau Foundation Prize (2000).